C21U digital learning specialists have a broad scope of knowledge and experience working with educational technology of all kinds. We are here to serve as a resource for faculty and researchers at Georgia Tech, as well as a conduit for external digital learning partnerships and collaborations.

Our work

The following are examples of C21U’s work in digital learning: 

  • Digital Credentials Consortium: Collaboration with 12 international universities focused on the creation of verifiable infrastructure for digital credentials of academic achievement. 

  • SkillSync: Collaboration with Eduworks, USG, and the Credential Engine to develop prototypes of digital tools to support critical workforce reskilling in the United States. 

  • Course Description Tool: Canvas tool that allows facult to provide brief details of their course plans to assist students in course selection and planning for the upcoming semester. 

  • Key Performance Indicator Tool: Canvas tool that provides instructors with course-specific weekly snapshots of how students are performing. 

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Contact Eric Sembrat for questions regarding Digital Learning Technologies.

Eric Scott Sembrat
Director of Digital Learning Technologies